Scuola steineriana in Nepal, Inverno 2009

Notiziario delle attività della Tashi Waldorf School
As heaps of red chillies were languishing in the sunny and dry autumn days of Dashain and Tihar, cold wintry weather suddenly blew in from the west. Everyone was struck down with a cold or flu - viral flu, swine flu, bird one knew for sure what was going around. In October ’09, the students of Tashi Waldorf School from classes 1,2 and 3 attended a dental camp organized by the Global Dental Relief Organization based in Colorado at Thrangu Rinpoche’s Shree Mangal Dvip School in Boudha. An expert team of dentists from Colorado and organizers Laurie, Carol, Mary and Joanna provided dental care at no cost to many school children. Children’s cavities and dental problems were seen to with great care. There were toys and games to keep the children amused. Everyone was taught basic dental hygiene and how to properly brush their teeth each day. We celebrated Dashain and Tihar festivals with lots of fun, delicious food and sweets. We were thrilled by the visit of Heather Maclaren, one of TWS's founding members during the festival, all the way from Bowen Island, Canada. The nicest thing about Dashain is kite flying. Everyone from the Kindergarten to the Grade Classes at Tashi Waldorf School made kites and enjoyed kite flying immensely. Kindergarten teachers Durga and Chandra enacted a Tihar story: The good King Bali Raja’s life is saved by his wise sister when she tricks the Underworld King to extend Bali Raja's life to the length of time it takes to dissolve a walnut in the hard shell. Parents and Teachers Meeting was held on Nov 7th. Kindergarten teacher Chandra demonstrated and discussed various kindergarten activities, like indoor play and outdoor play where children learn by seeing, copying and imitating others. Teachers and students both give and take. Timetable and schedule provide rhythm and structure in the activities of the child.... The Farmer’s Year Throughout the year the farmer toils, To reap the gold hid ‘neath the soil. He ploughs the stubble, drags it bare, And leaves it to the Monsoon air. When moist and damp give way to autumn His plough and sickle, out he’ll bring. Soft and clean, the grateful soil Is willing to repay his toil. And when the tilth is freed of weed, The farmer goes to plant the shoots. Then the winds of heaven and heavy rain And summer sun will swell the grain. The green then turns to living gold, In harvest bounty, manifold. by S.M. Ryan, Rhymes and Poems (Adapted to Nepali seasons in Italics) Vedila newsletter con le foto in formato .pdf (Acrobat .pdf)
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